venerdì 31 agosto 2012 Pidgin disabled not authorized

I found many (fake) solutions on Google for this problem, none of them worked for me.
It was not me typing the wrong password, or wrong domain, resource, port, server or whatever.

I only had to generate a password for Pidgin app on facebook.

Some pictures will make it more clear:
Go to Account Settings.
The Security Settings page.
The tooltip if you mouse-over Learn more. Now click Generate app passwords.
I didn't make any test, but I think this should be the same one you put as Resource in Pidgin's settings.
Copy the password and Paste it into your Pidgin password's field. Probably you also want to save it because there's no way to read the password again.
From now on, you have to use this generated password to join Facebook chat from Pidgin.
Now I don't get that disabled not authorized error anymore. :)

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André Machado Coelho ha detto...

You are my hero, man! Thanks for the help!

André Machado Coelho ha detto...
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